The First Muster Roll

The following pages are a transcript of the first recorded muster roll

 of the Gordon Highlanders, this list does not pertain solely to the

 year  1794. For easy reference they have been arranged

 alphabetically, the original list also included the colour of eyes of

 the recruits, however this has been omitted from this list. In the

 register it is found that 879 men  'listed in 1794 the rate of progress

 being :-


                        Feb    March    April    May     June
                      33       204        249    269       87  men

leaving 37 for the other months of that year.  From the muster

roll it was found that 539 of the recruits were born North of the

Grampians, and that every county in Scotland except Roxburgh,

Berwick and Selkirk contributed men.

245	Inverness		8	Fife		53	Ireland
118	Aberdeen		8	Nairn		9 	England :-
 77	Banff			7	Linlithgow		Cumberland
 58	Lanark		6	Dumfries		Falmouth
 38	Stirling		5	Elgin			Gloucestershire
 37	Midlothian		5	Forfar		Gravesend
 33	Argyll		4	Kincardine		Newcastle
 26	Caithness		3	Dumbarton		Portsmouth
 25	Moray			3	Haddington		Southampton
 23	Renfrew		3	Peebles		Stafford
 21	Perth			2	Wigton		Yorkshire
 20	Ross			1	Bute		3	Wales
 15	Ayr			1	Kinross	1	Germany
 14	Clackmannan		1 	Orkney

There are also 357 different surnames in the list of which 247

begin with the prefix Mac. Almost one half of the men were

unskilled, being described as labourers. The youngest recruits

were 9 years of age, while the oldest was 47.

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