Captain David Reginald Younger V.C

London Gazette, 8th August, 1902.


"(The late) David Reginald Younger, Captain, The Gordon Highlanders. Date of Act of Bravery: 11th July, 1990. This officer, during the action near Krugersdorf on the 11th July, 1900, volunteered for and took out the party which successfully dragged a Royal Artillery waggon under cover of a small kopje, though exposed to a very heavy and accurate fire at only 850 yards range. He also accompanied the second party of volunteers who went out to try and bring in one of the guns. During the afternoon he was mortally wounded, dying shortly afterwards. His cool and gallant conduct was the admiration of all who witnessed it, and, had Captain Younger lived, the Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief in South Africa would have recommended him for the high award of the Victoria Cross, at the same time as Captain W. E. Gordon, of the same regiment."



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