Colour-Sergeant Cornelius Coghlan V.C

London Gazette, 11th November, 1862


"Cornelius Coghlan, Sergeant, 75th Regiment. Dates of Acts of Bravery: 8th June, 1857; 18th July, 1857. For gallantly venturing, under heavy fire, with three others, into a serai occupied by the enemy in great numbers, and removing Private Corbett, 75th Regiment, who lay severly wounded. Also for cheering and encouraging a party which hesitated to charge down a lane in Subjee Mundee, at Delhi, lined on each side with huts, and raked by a cross fire; then entering with the said party into an enclosure filled with the enemy, and destroying every man. For having, also, on the same occation, returning under a cross fire to collect dhoolies and carry off the wounded; a service which was successfully performed, and for which this man received great praise from the officers of his regiment."


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