Private Patrick Green V.C

London Gazette, 26th October, 1858.


"Patrick Green, Private, 75th Regiment. Date of Act of Bravery: 11th September, 1857. For the act of bravery recorded in a General Order issued by the Commander-in-Chief in India, of which the following is a copy: `Genral Order.-Headquaters, Allahabad, 28th July, 1858.- The Commander-in-Chief in India is pleased to approve that the undermentioned soldier is presented in the name of Her Most Gracious Majesty, with the medal of the Victoria Crocc, for Valour and daring in the field, viz., Private Patrick Green, Her majesty`s 75th Foot, for having, on 11th September, 1857, when the piquet at Koodsia Baugh, at Delhi, was hotly pressed by a large body of the enemy, successfully recued a comrade who had fallen wounded as a skirmisher.-(signed) C. Campbell, General, Commander-in-Chief, East Indies.




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