1916		January.The early months of 1916 were relatively quiet, January was a repeat of billets
		and trenches, Reninghelst rest area not particularly comfortable.  Route marches,
		training, Reninghelst fatigues, cable laying, map reading etc.  Concerts in the
		evening! Back in trenches with enemy firing, trench mortars and HE, some casualties.
		Aerial activity considerable.  Further relief by 8th KOLR of specialists and Bn.
		Return to Reninghelst for kit inspections, baths, training lectures. Fatigue 
		parties laying cable.  Last days of January return to trenches, relatively quiet.
Reninghelst	February.  First couple of days quiet; back to Reninghelst for kit inspection,
Serques		paying out; followed by move to St Omer/Serques for rest.  Training quite intensive,
Trenches	visits by C in C Sir Douglas Haig; CO returned to Bn 15th February left by
		train for Poperinghe, marched to Oudendon	 for trenches, relieved 7th Border Regt.
		Some serious problems from snipers.  Heavy shelling	 	of positions by enemy, 
		retaliation by our artillery brought intense barrage on wood behind our lines.
		Some casualties.  Further aerial activity and aerial torpedoes fired by enemy,
Poperinghe	several Zeppelins seen.  Further casualties from shelling.  Bn relieved by 12th
Reninghelst	Manchester Regt 22nd February and marched to Reninghelst.  Frost and snow on ground;
		baths.  Further training and practised attacks with 8th KORL Regt, continued for last
		days of month.
		March.  Opened with final preparations for attack.  Reached assembly points; 9th 
		Northumberland Fusiliers relieved by Bn.  Assault began at 4.30 am on 2nd March
Reninghelst	with some initial success on the night, left section failed, 3 platoon practically 
		annihilated ('A' Company).  Very heavy casualties suffered, totalling 245 killed and
		wounded.  All counter attacks repulsed, heavy shelling our lines, and reserve and
		support lines!  
Scottish Lines	Bn relieved by east Yorks on 4th March at 3.30 am, conveyed by buses to Scottish Lines,
		reached at 8 am.  Men continued to struggle in throughout the day.  More shelling,few
		casualties.  Heavy snow falls in following days.  Visits from Army Commander, expressed
 		thanks for good work:  Some reinforcements arrive on 6th.  Refitting, kit inspections;
		deficiencies and reorganisation continued.  GOC visited.
Trenches	In reserve at Gordon Terrace 11th and 12th, working parties.  Relieved 8th KORL in trenches,
		clearing up work, training, burying dead.  Work practically all done at night.  Sniping very
		active.  Some casualties.  Specialists relieved by 8th KORL, Bn later in evening marched to
		B camp, Reninghelst.  During this recent spell in trenches, repaired and rebuilt 850 yards
		of parapet - 20,500 sandbags filled and used.  Dugouts were built, also general repair and
		drainage work. 
Reninghelst	Notice of gallantry awards DSO MC DCM.  Further time at Reninghelst, training, working parties
		filled sandbags for St Eloi sector.  Visit from C in C.  Some casualties from gassing.  Bn left
		for reserve at Voormezecle and Scottish Wood employed on fatigue parties all night of 25th.
		Heavy shelling at Voormezecle, few casualties.  Back to J camp Reninghelst.  Div Commander
Scottish Wood	awarded ribbons to officers and men granted in recent operations early March.  Last days of
Dickelbusch	month at Dickelbusch with 10th Royal Welsh Fusiliers.  Stormy weather serious difficulties with
		flooded trenches.
St Eloi 	April.  Early days at St Eloi craters the Bn was not directly involved in fighting by were
Craters		but were heavily bombarded before being relieved and returned to Reninghelst by bus on the
Reninghelst	4th.  Heavy casualties in B company.  Visit from 27th Canadian Regt officers.  Bn moved to
Thieushoer	Thieushoer into rest billets, good farms and barns.  Following days spent in refitting, kit
		inspections, baths.  Reinforcements arrived, church parade, paying out.
		Some further parades; lectures on discipline.  Football matches between companies.  Training
La Clytte	continued for remainder of time at Thieushoer, moved to La Clytte on 20th April, working on
		pioneer duties, strong points around Vierstraat.   Returned to Thieushoer on 22nd, church
		parade; boxing matches arranged, bayonet fighting, further talks on discipline.  Cross country
		running, football matches.
Locre		Reached Locre on 27th April; specialists left for trenches at 1.30 am, BN later in evening
		relieving 5th Durham LI.  Prisoners gave warning of gas attack pending, but did not reach
		our lines, bombardment casualties 35 killed and wounded.  Quiet end to month.
Kemmel		May.  Trenches at Kemmel first week of month.  Some trench mortars fired by enemy, gas alarms
		sounded, fishtail bombs in left company sector.  5 casualties.  Sniping increased at night.  Bn
		HQ received about a dozen shells.  6th May Specialists relieved at 1.30 am by 8th KORL and
Locre 		Bn relief completed at 11 pm.  Returned to billets at Locre.  Training and football, working
		party of 150 supplied at night.  Baths, gas demonstration, further 150 for working party.
		Route march on 10th.  Patrol competition with selected from each platoon.  Prizes of matchboxes
		with embossed Regt Crest.
Kemmel		Relieved 8th KORL on 13th; at Kemmel for further week.  Some shelling with trench mortars with
		casualties.  20th May relieved by 8th KORL marched to Kemmel shelters.  Training and lectures,
		football RWF.  Concerts in evenings; Bn relieved by 4th Yorks marched to Wivsmond Rest Area
Fletre		near Fletre via Baillenil and Meteren.  Kit inspections drills and lectures.  Some drafts
		arrived.  Month ended quietly.
		June.  Practice drills and march pasts first days, celebrate King's Birthday.  Some free time.
Thienshoek	Standing by ready to move on 4 hours notice from Thienshoek and on the 5th Bn marched to
		billets near Bailleuil, took over from 12th West Yorks.  Paying out in afternoon.  Following
		days, working parties, bayonet fighting, baths, training in extended order. Bn sports day
		in afternoons 9th and 10th.
Zermezeere	11th June Bn marched to training area via Meteren, Caestre, Cassel, to billets at Zermzere.  On
		12th at Wulverdinghe then to Houlle.  Training for attack formations on following days, firing
Houlle		18th some officers and men proceed for day at Calais.  Remainder of the month on training for
		attack, firing ranges, musketry.
SOMME		July.  1st Bn not involved in first attack on 1st July.  Days at Houlle, Gezaincourt, Naours,
		Franvillers, Bois Les Celestin by 7th/8th.  Bronfay farm for seven days, practising assaults
		night and day.  Some shelling and few casualties.  Attack on 14th German 2nd line positions
Trenches	at 3.45 am, line captured.  Bn moved to Caterpillar Valley and position men High
		Wood/Longueeral.  Some casualties from heavy shelling.
18th		Patrols sent out at 2 am, orders to attack Longueeral village next morning.  Assembly at 2 am,
		assault at 3.45 am, successful, but strong points North of Derville Wood remained in enemies
Derville Wood	hands.  Counter attacks, intensive shelling for 7 hours, very heavy losses, 4 officers killed,
Caterpillar) 	7 wounded, 321 ORs killed wounded or missing.  Evacuated village.  7th Division, 3rd Division
Valley) 	involved with 2nd Bn and 1st Bn respectively.
19th		Bn relieved on 19th by DCLI marched to Carnoy.  Retrospective view on events (regimental
Carnoy		history see pages 88/89.)
20th		Reorganised, reserved officers joined.
21st		Moved into trenches Lonueral/Derville Wood relief of 8th Norfolks and Essex Regt.
Derville Wood
22nd		Trenches in poor state, reorganising defence, draft of 240 at Happy Valley.  Corporal Mearns on
		patrol killed 6 Germans, wounded 3.
23rd		Heavy shelling on village and BHQ, 6 casualties
24th		Heavy shelling 20 wounded at BN HQ (orderlies and servants.)
25th		Relieved by 1st KRR.
26th		Bn Marched to Bois des Tailles
Bois des
27th		At Bois Tailles, reorganising; draft inspected by CO.  Bn bathed is Somme River.
28th		Very hot; marched to Meriecourt l'Abbé for rest period, fairly comfortable billets.
29th		Very hot; reorganising, bathed in river Ancre, Brigade concert in evening.
30th		Church Parade.
31st 		Rifle inspection, squads and arms drill for remainder.
Meriecourt	August.  First days at Mericourt l'Abbé in training, route march, inspection of draft by GOC
5th		Cards for gallant conduct 18th-25th July given out.  5 pm working party 5 officers and 221 NCOs
		and men proceed to Citadel for trench work S and E of Troves Wood.
6th		Church Parade, lecture by CO on recent events.
7th-9th		Bn training and route march via camps of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Bns of Regt.
10th		Work on range butts Marrett Wood.
Sandpits	Marched to Cironces at Sandpits, joined by Citadel party.
12th		Practised assaults over flagged course at 4 pm.  Citadel party baths at Ville am Aube,
13th-14th	Assault practise; moved to bivouacs at Great Bear.  Carrying party of 80 ammunition for MGC
Great Bear	in evening.
15th		Bn at rest; officers visited Maltz Horn branch system, heavily shelled on return journey.
Talus Bois 	Bn moved to Talus Bois 2 pm and forward to Dublin trenches.
17th		Carrying party of 44 to Stanley Dump 6 am.  3 companies moved to Chimpanzee Trench; heavy 
Chimpanzee 	shelling, lost 6 killed, 3 severely wounded.
Maltz Horn 	Bn moved to trenches in front of Maltz Horn farm for assault at 2.45 pm.  1st objective gained
                but attack failed with heavy losses: 260 Casualties.
19th		New line taken over by Royal Scots Fusiliers.  Evacuation of wounded proceeded.  B, C, D
                companies returned to Dublin Trench at noon.  A Company remained to bury dead, later relieved 
Happy Valley	by 12th Manchester Regt (The Bantams) Bn proceeded back to Happy Valley.
20th		Voluntary service in evening.
21st		Bn marched to Morlancourt; draft of 220 ORs arrived at 4 pm; chiefly men from 2/4, 2/5, 2/7
Morlancourt	Bns. 
22nd		Transport left for new area at 10.45 am.  Further draft of 125 ORs from 2/5, 2/7, Bns.
23rd		Bn train to Candas from Mericourt Station, 2 pm arrival, marched to Maillard.  7 miles.
24th		Draft inspected by CO.  Rev W H Leathem arrived.
25th		9 am marched to Boubers 8 miles. Several 2/Lts arrived viz Lyle, Berry Davidson, Russell,
		Thorburn, Simmill, Cook, Forbes, Merrilees.
26th		8.50 am marched to Oeuf, 8 miles.  Good billets
27th		7.50 am marched to Heuchin, 11 miles.
28th 		10.30 am marched to Bours, 9 miles.
29th		11.30 am marched to Bruay, 8 miles billets in mining village.
Bruay		Baths for whole Bn in mine bath houses mine No 3.  Very good!
31st		2.15 pm Bn marched to Noeux les Mines, 7˝ miles.
Noex les Mines	September.  Bn at Noex les Mines for first week of month; in Brigade Reserve area much engaged
		in training, drill, bayonet fighting, PT.  Carrying parties employed and paraded at 6.30 pm.
		Further Bn training.
8th		Bn took over trenches at Bis 14 sector from 8th Kings Own.  3 companies occupied front line, 
		great deal of work required, little or no wire existed - enemy front heavily wired.
9th-15th	Trench mortars fired on enemy wire.  Nests dug for gas cylinders.  Quiet days.
16th		Bn relieved by 8th Kings Own; in support for B Coy in Gun Trench, A Coy village line, remainder
		Bn HQ in 10th Avenue.
17th		Bn finished working and carrying parties chiefly trench mortar ammunition.
18th		C Coy left for baths at Mazingarbe.
19th		Similar working parties as 17th, A Coy at Baths.
20th		Similar working parties as 17th, B Coy at Baths.
21st		Bn repaired support trench and wiring support line.
22nd 		Bn Cleaning and tidying trenches.
23rd 		Bn relieved by 10th East Surreys, billets in Mazingarbe.
24th		Bn 9.30 am for Lozinghem, 12 miles joined brigade west of Noex les Mines, reached Lozinghem
		billets for night.
Estree Blache
25th		Bn 9.00 am for Estree Blanche, 12 miles.
26th/27th	Kit inspections, artillery formations, a march past, musketry practice in afternoon.
28th		Bn marched to training area, carried out 1st phases of attack, musketry practice.
29th		Bn at training area, practising attack as normal and ceremonial.
20th		Bn at training area; carried out "attack".  Brigade march past Brigadier General R Kentish DSO,
		who later presented ribbons including 2 VCs to the 10th Royal Welsh Fusiliers.  Made farewell
		Estree Blanche; Training area, trench practise grounds for first few days.  Funeral of Private 
		Temple accidentally killed by train.  Regimental mascot fox terrier 'Pyper' died.
		Big fire in village, Bn worked to salvage all night.  Thanks from Brigadier for efforts.
5th		Bn marched to Heuchnin at 2 pm welcomed by local inhabitants cordially.
6th		Bn rested.
7th		Bn marched to St Pol at 8.40 am.  Train to Raincheral arrived Belle Ezlise at midnight.
8th		Marched to Acheux, billets in huts at Acheux Wood.
9th		Bn resting.
10th-16th	Bn practised assault of trenches over flagged courses with KORL.  Combined sports day.
17th		Bn marched to Vauchelles.
18th 		Bn 6.30 am parade, practised assault over flagged courses
19th		Bn marched to Courcelles.  Fatigue party of 300 men to trenches at 9 pm.
20th		Digging party to trenches at 6 am (200 men).
21st-25th	Kit inspections, Divisional practice of trenches to be captured over flagged courses.  200
		fatigue party.  Carrying trench mortar ammunition to front.  Bn resting for day.
26th		Raiding party tried to enter enemy trenches failed owing to barrage opening 1/4 hour too soon!
27th		Trenches at Serre sector taken over from 8th KORL.  Very muddy conditions, quiet later.
28th		Enemy shelled Observation Wood and support trenches during day.  Very severe on Bn HQ, Railway
		Ave, and Brigade advance HQ, several shells struck.  One casualty.  Gas attack from our 2nd
		Division drifted over our front line.  Helmets had to be put on.
29th		Considerable counter artillery at 6 am.  Bn relieved during morning by 7th KSLI, marched to
Bus		Bus, billeted in wood.
30th		Bombing practice in morning, heavy rain pm.
31st		Bn in bombing practice, drill for whole Bn.
Bus		Bn at Bus for first 12 days of month.  Practice musketry at ranges, concerts, football,
		cinematograph shows at YMCA!  Lectures on history of the Regt.  Combined sports with 2nd 
		Suffolks.  Church parade.  Preparations for attack; 'it' were going ahead.  300 men on road 
		works! night patrolling practice.  Football match with Balloon Sect RFC, Bn won 3-0.
12th-13th	Bn moved to assembly trenches and attacked enemy lines at Serre.  Unsuccessful outcome owing
Serre		to mist and muddy conditions, heavy machine gunfire from enemy.  Failure left us with 141
14th		Bn relieved the 10th RWF in evening, after quiet day.  In front line Rob Roy at night.  Bn HQ
Trenches	moved into advanced Brigade HQ.  CO took over command left sub sector. 6 casualties.
15th 		Quiet.  Improving positions.  Wiring of posts in front line at night.  Divisional General
		visited 5 wounded.
16th		Quiet.  Reconstruction of our line proceeding 4 casualties.
17th		Bn relieved at night by 10th RWF marched to Courcelles, reached by 11 pm.
18th		Bn at baths.
19th		Bn moved to Vauchelles, billets
20th		Bn kit inspections by companies, 247 ORs joined.
21st		Bn training musketry.
22nd		Companies arrangements.  2nd Bn marched through village; passes issued for visit to 2nd Bn.
		Col Crawford commands 3rd Brigade.
23rd		Musketry training.  Draft from base 19 ORs.
24th		Bn received orders to move to Lourencourt, but later cancelled.
25th		Fatigue party 150 men at 6.30 am.  Lectures in pm.
26th		CO and OC coys visited trenches at Serre.
27th		Bn relieved 13th Kings Liverpool.  Trenches wet and muddy.
28th		Bn working constantly improving sector as defensive position.
29th		Wiring continued as mist permitted.
30th		Continued wiring due to misty conditions.
Trenches	1st day of month, Bn relieved by 8th Kings Own marched back to huts at Courcelles.
2nd-5th		Bn kit inspections, working and fatigue parties.  Party at front line wiring opposite Luke
		copse later on 5th left for Louvencourt.
6th		Bn had 300 men on various working parties.  Specialists training undertaken.
7th		250 men on fatigue.  Specialists continued training.
8th		130 men on working parties.  Baths for rest.
9th		250 men on working parties, fatigues.  Specialists on training.
10th-13th	At Louvencourt, working parties, tea at Courcelles.  Relief completed at midnight with 13th
		Kings Liverpool
14th-16th 	In trenches, very quiet.
17th		Bn relieved by 8th KORL, and moved to billets at Courcelles.
18th		Bn inspected by Brigade CO.
19th		Bn and 2 companies moved to Couin.
20th-28th	At Couin, Beausort, Bus, through till relief of 13th Kings Liverpool on 29th.
29th		Trenches, some shelling, few casualties and little activity in last days of year.
30th-31st	Our guns opened fire at 11 pm.  Very quiet.


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