1st		January.  Prisoner walked over to trenches; Bn relieved by 8th KORL, marched to billets
2nd 		Resting
3rd		Trenches relieved 8th KORL.
4th		'D' company stood down 5.30 pm; heavy shelling Fort Briggs, direct hit, 4 killed 2 wounded.
5th		Heavy shelling Fort Briggs; 16 men buried, dug out by KORL, 2 wounded; 10 pm relieved by 8th
6th		Bn marched to Berrancourt, played through village by 2nd Bn; bus to Rubempre, arrived 6 pm.
7th		Bn rested at Rubempre; 24 from 3rd Bn.
8th		Marched to Pernois, 12 miles, bad billets.
9th		Rested.
10th		Rested. Organised companies each platoon.
11th		Rested. 1 bombing section; 2 rifle sections; 1 reserve Lewis gun section.
12th 		Bn Training.
13th		Bn Training.
14th		3rd Bn draft arrived; 4 officers.
15th		Bn march past.
16th-26th	Bn Training and Football.
27th 		Prepared to move.
28th		Bn marched to Amplier
29th		Bn marched to Neuviellette.
30th		Bn marched to Flers.
31st		Bn marched to Penin.  3rd Div transferred to XVII corps.
1st 		Rested, new helmet drill with new respirators.
2nd		Training continued.
3rd		Practised new attack formation,.
4th		Voluntary church parade; Div band present.
5th		Training.
6th		Practise attacks.
7th		Training.
8th		Bn marched to Wanquentin via Aresnes le Cormte.  Hauteville, billets.  CO and 2I/C. Gas 
9th		Bn rested; officers visited trenches in front of Arras.
10th		Bn prepared for trenches.
11th		Bn church parade; prepared to march for trenches via Warlus and Dainville.  Relieved 11th
		Middlesex.  Quiet and trenches in very good condition.
In the line
12th		2 casualties from trench mortar 'A' company.
13th		Quiet; work done on reserve line.  GOC visited.
14th		Quiet.
15th		Relieved by 10th R Welsh Fusiliers reserve billets at Arras.
16th-17th	Rested, supplied work parties.
18th		Voluntary church parade 6 pm
19th		Tested new box respirators.  Relieved 15th Royal Welsh Fusiliers in afternoon.
In the line
20th		Bn suffered from trench mortar activity 'A' Coy.  2 killed, 2 wounded.
21st	 	Quiet;  Trenches falling in owing to thaw.
22nd		Quiet, work support lines.
23rd		Quiet, Bn relieved by 10th Royal Welsh Fusiliers: billets at Arras.
24th		Bn Supplied working parties.
25th		Church service; 'C' Coy practised "Raid".
26th		Bn supplied working parties and carrying parties.
27th		Bn relieved by 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers.  Marched  to Wanquentin.
28th		Bn marched Houvin-Houvigneul via Hanteville-Asesus le Compe.  Good billets.  'A' Coy worked in
		wood-cutting.  'C' Coy at Liencourt practised 'Raid'.  Bn rested.
1st		'B' and 'A' Coys on training.
2nd-3rd		Training continued.
4th		Church service: 'C' Coy left Liencourt  for Arras to carry out raid.
5th		Successful raid; 21 prisoners taken; 11 killed.
6th		'C' Coy rejoined Bn.
7th		Bn training; 26 ORs joined.
8th		Snow.
9th		March to Magnicourt, poor billets.
10th		Bn marched for 12 miles on route march.  23 ORs joined.
11th		Rain; voluntary church service.
12th-13th	Bn Training.
14th		Lt Gen Haldane CO 6th Corps inspected Bn presented MMs to L/Cpl Christie, Ptes Black, Lambie
		and Garside for gallantry on recent raid.
15th-17th	Bn training.  Officers observed 9th Brigade attack over practice trenches.
18th		Bn billets at Liencourt; draft 51 ORs arrived.
19th-20th	Bn Training.
21st-31st	Attack practice; baths at Berlencourt, football, training in attack with grenades.
1st-8th		Diary page missing!  OO's record arrival in Arras occupied caves on 6th, assembled on 8th.
9th-11th	Bn attacked at 5.30 am (Arras trenches) ordered to take part in assault on the first four 
		German lines of trenches.  Bombardment began, Bn advanced in two waves of two companies.
		German line extended over 420 yards frontage and with little opposition the objectives were
		taken by 5.50 am; casualties 60.  For further details, (see photocopies attached).
12th		Bn in tunnel at 8 am.
13th		Bn left tunnel for billets at Arras.
14th-16th	Bn rested, cleaned up.
17th		Bn on parade, cards for recognition presented by GOC.
18th		Bn in billets.
19th		Bn practised wiring.  Armourer Sgt inspected rifles.
20th		Bn prepared to move to join 6th Corps.
21st		Bn training practised attack.  Massed bands played (1st,6th,8/10th, and 9th) in barbed wire
22nd		Bn church service at Salle des Concerts.
23rd		Bn trenches west of Bois de Boeuf 6 pm.  Div in reserve.
le Preux
24th		Bn took over line W of Monchy le Preux.  During relief hostile artillery opened fire; 38
25th		Bn suffered heavy shelling, no casualties.  Bn HQ blown in!
26th		HQ moved to dugout of HQ RWF, KORL and KSLI:  Heavy shelling, much sniping by night.
27th		Further heavy shelling; hostile aeroplane brought down.  Enemy attacked KORL and 'B' Coy,
		repulsed, 4 prisoners.
28th		Front support lines shelled; Captain Bothwell and 2/Lt Huntly killed.  Sniping worse!
29th-30th	Intermittent shelling; snipers killed 5 men.  Platoons ordered to fire at ground level and
		reduced sniping.
Tilloy		May
1st		Bn relieved by 1st RSF moved into Div reserve trenches.
2nd 		Rested.
3rd		Bn moved to Brown line to relieve 7th KSLI.
4th-6th		Bn rested.  Working parties of 300 on Communication trench south of Monchy.
7th		Brown line; 1420 yards of CT completed.
8th-9th		Bn relief of 9th Brigade put off.
Le Prieux	
10th		Bn relieved 9th Brigade.
11th		Quiet.
12th		Quiet: London Scottish attacked and captured Tool trench; enemy shelling; front line shelled by 
		own artillery; 1 officer killed 6 ORs wounded.
13th		Bn suffered 8 casualties from enemy shelling.
14th		Bn relieved by Inniskillings; 6 Ors
15th		Bn took tea at Tilloy; embussed for Duisans and slept for rest of day.  Completed 23 days in
		trenches, longest spell since 1915.  Total casualties 3 officers killed, 89 ORs.
16th		Bn cleaned up and rested.
17th		Bn moved to Noyellette.  Men and officers to Nissen huts - comfortable billets.
18th		Bn moved to Ambrines.  Coys at disposal.  Billets fair but cramped.
19th-31st	Bn at Ambrines; training; football; medal parade; drafts arrived; inoculations; lectures; 
		ranges and field firing.
1st		Bn preparing for move to Arras.
2nd		Bn paraded at 6.55 am, buses to Arras, good billets.
3rd		Bn church parade.
4th		Bn training for coming operations, moved billets owing to shelling.
5th-11th	Bn training and assault practice with the suffolks.
12th		GOC 3rd Div visited.  Assault practice.
In the line
13th		Bn relieved 1st RSF in Hill trench East of Monchy.
14th-19th	Bn attacked at 7.20 am took trench and established posts on the mound and high ground.  Very 
		heavy fighting from counter attacks.  Successful operation; but heavy losses.  70 killed, 160 
		wounded, 27 missing.
20th		Bn relieved and embussed for Grenas, good billets.
21st-23rd	Bn resting and clearing up.
24th-30th	Church parade; training; drafts arrived officers and 330 ORs: cricket; medals parade; Corps
		Commander congratulations at recent success against Infantry Hill.  Prepared to move to 
		Bihvcourt area.
Grenas		July
1st		Bn paraded at 10 am, marched to Doullens arrived by train at Achiet le Grand at 4.15 pm.  2nd 
		Bn billeted at Morny, pipes and drums played us in.
2nd		Bn specialist training in morning; football, lost to 2nd Gordons 3-0; massed bands played.
3rd		Bn paraded at 4 pm, marched to Beugny bivouacs and tents.
4th		Bn training: 2nd Gordons football team again played and won 3-1.
5th		Bn training: Relay race, tug-o-war with 2nd Bn lost again.
6th		Bn training continued.  Rugby match and Australian gunners (lost)
7th-9th		Bn inspected by GOC IV Corps; training and draft of 19 pipers and drummers from 3rd Bn.
In the line
10th		Bn relieved 1st RSF.
11th		Bn sent out patrols; night patrol encountered enemy strong post not known previously, some 
12th		Bn quiet day, working on widening up front line posts; 4 ORs casualties.
13th-18th	Bn generally quiet period but casualties from enemy firing on working parties, some shelling.
19th		Bn relieved by 2nd Suffolks.
20th-24th	Bn rested, cleaning up after baths; church parade, march past, competitions.
25th		Bn relieved 2nd Suffolks.
In the line
26th-31st	Bn engaged in wiring work, some casualties from trench mortars; enemy raid on 'C' Coy driven 
		off.  Further wiring carried out.  Draft of 6 officers arrived.
In the line
1st		Bn engaged in improving posts.  Quiet.
2nd		Bn relieved by 2nd Suffolks, marched to Beugny.
3rd-11th	Bn training, church parade; Div band concert.  Drafts of officers arrived, relief prepared.
In the line
12th-17th	Bn took over from 2nd Suffolks, worked on joining up posts,  3 casualties, shelling.  Bn in 
		quiet period in front line;  Brigade fired gas shells, some casualties from retaliation.
18th		Bn relieved by 2nd Suffolks.
19th-25th	Bn rested and baths; parades, training, erection of huts; drill demonstration etc.
26th		Bn relieved 2nd Suffolks.
27th-31st	Bn worked between posts; some shelling with a few casualties.  Total strength 36 officers 991
In the line
1st-2nd		Very quiet.
3rd		Bn relieved by 2nd Suffolks.  This finished the town in this sector.  Work had improved trench 
		communications and outposts.  Fresh wiring completed, duck boards laid.
4th		Bn rested, Baths!
5th		Bn on gas chamber training at Fremincourt.  Moved to Barastre area.
6th-13th	Bn training with 8th KORL and practice attacks with 8th KORL for coming operations.  Brigade 
		attack witnessed by Army Commander Gen Gough.
14th		Bn training; boxing competition.
15th		Bn on long range at Le Transloy.
16th		Bn church parade GOCs' Corps, Div and Brigade.
17th		Bn prepared for move.
18th		Bn marched to Bapaume, train for Goodersuelte billets near Watou.
19th-20th	Bn rested, in reserve 1 hours notice.
21st		Bn training;  CO and officers visited Corps HQ, to see model of operations area.
22nd		Bn moved at 3.15 pm marched to Brandhoek, OC Coys went up to line.
23rd		Bn rested, detachments to line.
24th		Bn paraded at 5.30 pm, train for Ypres, marched to area next to Ypres, bivouacked for night.
25th		Bn bivouac in open, prepared to move assembly positions.
26th-28th	Zero Hour; 5.50 am Bn attacked, then relieved on 29th/30th, out of action.
29th		Camped near Veaamertinghe.
30th		Moved to Winnezeele to rest and recoup.
1st		Bn rested and cleaned up.
2nd		Bn present for speech by GOC 76th Brigade.  Bn was paid.
3rd		Bn parade for march past at 11 am.  Draft of 265 ORs arrived.
4th		Bn marched to Campagne, 14 miles in rain.  Good billets.
5th		Bn rested, marched to Wizerne, train for Bapaume at 9.30 pm.
6th		Bn arrived 8 am, marched to Barastre.
7th		Bn paraded for recommendation cards.  Church parade in local cinema.
8th		Bn training; range in afternoon.
9th		Bn training; 140 ORs joined.  46 from the Cameron Hldrs; 94 from 9th Gordons.
10th		Bn prepared to move to trenches.
11th		Bn embussed (less two last drafts) for Mory, marched to Ecoust - St Mein, relieved 2/5th West 
		Yorks in Bullecourt sector; very quiet.
12th		Quiet day, Bn worked on trenches wiring commenced.
13th-17th	Quiet day, Trench repairs, usual work no casualties.
18th		Bn relieved by 2nd Suffolks.
19th-24th	Bn rested and cleaned up.  Bn training; church parade; specialist training.
25th		Bn training; 50 ORs on working parties for work on Abboye!
26th		Bn relieved 2nd Suffolks; Bullecourt sector.
27th		Bn in the line, 3 am gas projectiles fired by Bn on left at 10 pm, some casualties from MG 
28th-29th	Bn had quiet day; TM and 59 activity but no casualties.
30th-31st	Bn work as before.  Quiet.
1st-2nd		Quiet day, work continued on trenches.
3rd		Bn relieved by 2nd Suffolks; slight shelling in morning; no casualties.
4th		Bn rested, baths, church parade, football.
5th		Bn training.
6th		Bad weather; rested.
7th		A and B companies moved into Abbay Mory also HQ Coy.  Poor conditions.
8th		Bn.  Heavy rain, football beat KORL 2-1 and RWF 8-0.
9th-10th	Rain, no training.
11th		Bn relieved the 2nd Suffolks.  No casualties.
12th		Gas projectiles fired from our lines on left; no retaliation, quiet, no casualties.
13th		Quiet day, very misty, used TMs on enemy, no casualties.
14th		Enemy shelled Tower Support, some casualties.  Support coys; ammunition supply carried up.
15th 		Quiet day; evening relieved by 2nd Suffolks rest billets at Abbay Mory.
16th  		Bn rested and cleaned up.
17th		Bn medically inspected, baths at Mory.
18th		Bn church parade.
19th		Bn practised 'advanced guard' scheme between mory and Behagnes.
20th		Brigade (9th) attacked German front line near Bullecourt.  Bn under orders to move at 1 hours 
		notice. (officers at conference)
21st		Quiet day, brigade boxing contest at Abbaye in afternoon.
22nd 		Bn.  Quiet day.
23rd		Bn paraded 10.30 am.
24th		Bn practised scheme for following up enemy in case of retreat.
25th		Bn voluntary church parade.
26th		Bn relieved 1st Northumberland Fusiliers; 2 Coys 4th Royal Fusiliers in newly captured
		trenches.  Tiger Trench and Tower Support, no casualties.
27th		Quiet day; some TM activity; Cleaned up.
28th		Quiet day; work on trenches.
29th		Heavy enemy barrage; some casualties 2 platoons 'C' coy relieved by 1st Royal Munster
30th		Bn relieved by 2nd Suffolks, two casualties went to billets at Abbaye Mory.
1st		Bn rested and cleaned up.
2nd-3rd		Quiet day Col Burnett left to command Brigade.
4th		Bn relieved 2nd Suffolks.  Tower Support and Tiger Trench no casualties.
5th		Bn working parties on wire in Front.  3 am report to expect attack.  Nothing
6th		Bn warned of impending attack.  Nothing.
7th		Bn had quiet day, some slight shelling.
8th		Bn problems with thaw, trenches caving in.
9th		Bn repairing and strengthening wire, attack still expected.
10th		Bn HQ shelled in Railway Reserve, quiet otherwise.  2nd Suffolks relieved Bn by 9.30 pm.  Bn
		went into close support at Ecoust and Railway embankment, Tiger Trench.
11th		Bn 'stood too' at 6.30 am - 8 am warning of attack, nothing; worked on improving shelters and
		ammunition.  Ration carrying and work continued.
12th		Bn warned by Brigade of impending attack.  Heavy enemy barrage on 9th Brigade front.  Attack 
		developed on their front to our left.  Very little activity; some casualties.
13th		Bn 'stood down', rest for the day, working parties at night.  Ration carrying etc.
14th		Bn.  Quiet day; improved positions on Embankment and Ecoust Noveuil Road; Pipe Sergeant
		Henderson killed.
15th		Bn quiet day; some raiding parties out.  Quiet day continued.
16th		Bn worked on shelters by day.
17th		Relieved 2nd Suffolks, no casualties.
18th		Some shelling on Railway Reserve, otherwise quiet.  Some casualties from own artillery firing
19th		Quiet day, work as usual, no casualties.
20th		Bn rested owing to heavy frost, some wiring carried out.
21st		Bn.  Frost still holding, wiring in afternoon, curtailed owing to MG firing.
22nd		Quiet day; relieved in the line by 2nd Suffolks, no casualties.
23rd		Bn rested and cleaned up, baths.  Still frosty.
24th		Bn companies arrangements, armourer sergeant inspection rifles.
25th		Bn inspected in the morning by CO.  Free issue of beer, plum puddings, concert in theatre at
26th		Quiet day;  CO inspected 'D' Coy.  Court martial held.  General Campbell GOC 119th Brigade
27th		Bn paraded coy arrangements.  Intensely cold, rapid marching and running.
28th		Quiet day;  Bn visited by CO 19th Middlesex Regt, who relieved us in Brigade Reserve.  Bn
		prepared to move on 29th.
29th		Bn reveille at 7 am; paraded at 9.40 am to move off to new area, arrived at 2.30 pm.  Nissen
No 5 camp pm	huts at camp, bad condition.
30th		Bn employed in cleaning up and improving the camp generally.  Coys commanders' conference in 
31st		Bn paraded by companies at 9.30 am for rapid running and marching.  RSM parade at 12 noon.  
		Hogmanay celebrated by dinner, GOC present.  Sergeants' mess smoking concert and GOC attended 
		with all officers.
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